Metal Detector Wands Implemented To Restrict THC Vapes


Joseph Neuenschwander

Metal detector wands will be used to find THC vapes.

Joseph Neuenschwander, Reporter

 On Jan. 23 the high school began a new policy to restrict the use of THC vapes. The new policy is that metal detector wands will be used to find THC vapes and students caught with them will receive time at DAEP and take a drug awareness course.

“Students are hiding the Cake bars on their body,”   Principal Joey McQueen said. “As you know, when we search a student, we can’t pat them down, so detectors will be able to help find drug paraphernalia.” 

On average,  seven to ten students are caught with THC vapes in a school year.

Girl students will be wanded by women employees and men by men employees,” McQueen said 

If a person has two ounces of cannabis on them in Texas they can get a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a fine up to $2,000.

“THC in a vape could be considered a felony in the state of Texas,” officer Jacob Loeve said. “There have been a few incidents where they have been located.” 

 There have been studies linking THC vapes and Lipoid pneumonia which is what happens when someone inhales too much of an oily substance.

“[Students] don’t generally buy [THC vapes] in state,” Loeve said. “They buy them out of state or online. They’re shipped here and a lot of times students are bringing them on campus  into the school so it’s kind of hard to locate where they’re getting them. Students don’t usually tell us where they’re getting them.”

THC vapes can, over a long period of time, cause heart problems and poor blood circulation which means lack of oxygen to the appendages like feet and toes. 

“Honestly, I think [the metal detector wands] are a good idea,” senior Kadin Owens said. “There’s going to be a lot of issues at first but at the same time it’s going to be very beneficial.”