Library Hosts Blind Date With A Book


Kilana Baird

Wrapped books are displayed in the library for students to choose to read without seeing first.

Kilana Baird, Reporter

The library is hosting their Blind Date with a Book competition. The contest is meant to engage students to try new books without seeing what they look like first. By reading the description on the front, students can choose which book they want to read.

The Blind Date with a Book began Jan. 23 and will end Feb. 28.

“Blind date with a book is where a student can come in, read the summaries on the wrapped books, and choose one of the books they find interesting,” senior Mindy Montgomery said. “They take it to the librarian and have them check out the book. You read at least 30 pages, bring it back to the librarian and then you tell them your thoughts on the book for a chance to win a prize.”

In order to participate, students must find a wrapped book they find interesting, unwrap it and talk to the librarians about what they have read. 

“I’m hoping the students try new genres and talk to us about the books,” librarian Shelly Myers said. “A lot of times people think we’re just here to get money from them though that’s not true. We love talking to our students about the books they read. Readers are smarter, have better relationships and even live longer.”

Reading is scientifically proven to improve the skills of those doing a task. The competition encourages those who participate to go outside of their comfort zone and read something different. 

“They pick a book and give it to us, unwrap it and try to read at least 30 pages,” Myers said. “If they don’t like it they can return and get another one.”