Opinion: Fatal Foods

America Should Ban Toxic Ingredients


Jadyn Arzola

Brominated vegetable oil can be found in sugary drinks and sodas across the United States, although it is banned in other countries.

Jadyn Arzola, Reporter

Many factors contribute to the state of health a person is in including their sleep schedule, environment and the food they consume. Numerous countries have banned food items filled with unnatural dyes, hormones and chemicals. The United States is not one of these countries. 

To protect the health of Americans, the United States should follow the footsteps of other countries and ban unnatural foods that lead to health issues. 

Unhealthy foods and drinks have become easier for children to access. Multiple countries have banned brominated vegetable oil (BVO) from their products due to many issues, such as the fact that BVO has been linked to organ damage. This ingredient can be found in sugary drinks and sodas across the United States. Sugary drinks are one of the top contributors to the obesity of children. Obesity in children can result in long term health effects, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The advertising industry makes mass amounts of money by targeting children through sugary drinks and colorful candies. Candies such as Skittles contain Yellow 5, Yellow 6 and Red 40, which are all known to have negative effects. 

The meat industry of America not only has a harmful effect on the environment, but a harmful effect on the health of U.S. citizens. Up to 60% of pig meat in America is produced with  ractopamine, an additive used to increase muscle growth in livestock. Those producing chicken meat often choose to clean it using chlorine. 

Oftentimes the preparations of food products sold in America are sold with unsafe chemicals and additives that have been scientifically proven to be harmful. The food a person consumes plays a key role in that person’s health. Many former American citizens report that when moving to countries with stricter food regulations, such as areas in Europe, their health issues such as bloating and poor reactions to dairy seem to disappear. In order to make living easier and the health of the people better, America should avoid selling food products with ingredients known to have harmful effects.