Library Hosts Adulting 101 Courses For Seniors


Lucy Mantilla

Seniors attend the Adulting 101 course about minor emergencies Friday. The course also started with a minilesson about making pulled pork sandwiches.

Lucy Mantilla, Reporter

The past two weeks, Adulting 101 classes have been hosted Fridays during academic period. School staff teach seniors, who will soon live on their own, basic life lessons such as cheap easy recipes and how to manage finances. 

Students can sign up with the google forms on the library website until the end of this week. Students who sign up are provided with an e-hall pass appointment from the library. Every time a student attends, their name is added to a drawing for door prizes. These door prizes will be handed out at a final Adulting 101 celebration May 12. 

“I have taught the class ‘How to tie a tie’ for the last two years,” Principal Joey Mcqueen said. “I didn’t know how to tie a tie in high school, so we felt this would be beneficial.” 

Usually 6 to 8 students sign up via the google forms, but within the last few meetings up to 15 students have attended. Staff needs to know in advance how many students due to food being available when easy dorm room recipes are taught. 

“The library provides an easy crockpot meal, recipe and samples, so students can see how easy and inexpensive it is to cook for oneself,” librarian Shelly Myers said. “If students will start signing up via Google forms, I’ll know I need to double or triple recipes so there’s enough for everyone to sample, and if we ever have too many people for the food prepared, those on the Google form will get to be first in line.” 

There are more LHS staff and community members scheduled to teach classes for students next semester. 

“I went to ‘how to tie a tie’ and ‘minor emergencies’,” senior Todd Cameron said. “It’s nice and informative, so I plan on doing the ones for next semester as well.”