Seniors Should Consider All Post-Secondary Education Options


Kilana Baird

Post-secondary school options are available in the counselor’s center, but students should be more publicly educated about the options they have after high school.

Kilana Baird, Reporter

Senior year is one of the most stressful times that students experience within high school. While balancing school, social life and planning for the future, seniors have a lot to take in at one time. Students often feel the pressure to automatically decide whether or not they want to go to college, when there are many other options available to them.

Seniors should be more informed about other opportunities available to them in order to be successful after they graduate high school. 

Oftentimes, trade school is overlooked as a post-secondary education option. While still needing to apply and decide what career field interests them, trade school allows students to find a job that is beneficial and can be just as rewarding as going to a college or university. 

Apprenticeship programs are also available to many students after high school. While allowing hands on experience and training for the job, those who are interested can get a head start in their career. Having an apprenticeship on a resume also proves skills and can open up more job opportunities. 

Some students may decide that going to a college or university is the right path for them, however, they aren’t sure if they’re committed to at least four years of extra schooling. A two year college program can be a great way to get an associates degree and still have many job opportunities available to them.

High schools should offer a post-secondary education fair for students who aren’t sure what career path they want to take. It should include different schooling opportunities including trade schools, apprenticeships, internships, etc. And should also include the jobs that may come from them.

Seniors should be aware of the different paths available to them once they graduate. There are many ways to find success in one’s future and it should not be so stressful.