Jazz Band to Perform Christmas Concert Thursday


Katie Johnson

Junior Dylan Duvall and freshman Sydney Schmille practice Christmas music for the upcoming concert.

Katie Johnson, Reporter

The Jazz Band will perform their annual Christmas concert Dec. 8, featuring classic Christmas music such as ‘Hot Chocolate,’ from the Polar Express. 

“I’m pretty excited, the jazz band has been doing really good,” Jazz Band director Jeremy Flint said. “We’ve been practicing Christmas music since the middle of October because they will be playing around ten songs.”

Along with the jazz concert, students performed in the full-band concert last night. 

“I don’t think the students have been stressed about having to prepare for both concerts,” Flint said. “They seem to be handling it really well, and haven’t told me anything about feeling pressured.”

Some of these musicians have a special role in the concert.

“I’m a little nervous,” sophomore Jacob Whaley said.  “I have two solos, but I think we’ll do good overall.”