Windscreens Repaired After Thunderstorm


Lucy Mantilla

This portion of the windscreen remained undamaged. U-shaped slits have since been cut to prevent further damage.

Lucy Mantilla, Reporter

Blue windscreens with Badger decals were added to the fences along the practice field, but disaster struck soon after when a thunderstorm with extremely strong winds hit, knocking down a large section of the fence and damaging part of the windscreen.

Staff took down the wind screen on the broken part of the fence. Maintenance repaired the fence Nov. 4. A new windscreen was installed to replace the damaged one Nov. 8. Additionally, the wind screens were vented with small cuts in the fabric to let wind flow through them.

The wind screen has made a very positive impact on the school and the community,” athletic director Troy Rogers said. “I am excited it got back up.” 

Waterboy Graphics installed the windscreens in addition to other decorations around the school such as the paneling on the library doors. 

“We never like to see something damaged by ‘Mother Nature’; however, it does happen,” Principal Joey McQueen said. “The windscreens were paid for by the athletic department and we are appreciative of how they look.”

The damaged windscreen was removed and the fencing was wired up until it was completely repaired Nov. 8. The fencing had been lying on the sidewalk the morning after the storm. (Lucy Mantilla)

Waterboy Graphics came and repaired the fence and repaired the wind screen as well.

“Waterboy has excellent customer service, fast and efficient, which all coaches love,” Rogers said. “It has an immediate impact on the psyche of the entire school.”

Despite the windscreens being one of the first things displayed near the entrance of the campus, some students reported not noticing the addition. 

“I didn’t notice they were there,” junior Nathan Greenway said. “It just kind of appeared.” 

Junior Sarah Jordan had noticed the new windscreens, and she noticed when it was damaged. 

“The windscreen broke the fence when the storm happened,” she said. “It’s good they fixed it, though.”