Drawing Students Sell Candy Grams To Deliver Next Week


Jadyn Arzola

Freshman Giselle Ruperto buys a candy gram from drawing students Lydia Skiles and Sumiko Lemari during lunch Oct. 19.

Jadyn Arzola, Reporter

Drawing students sell candy grams they created, for the first time in years, during lunch until Friday.

“COVID played a large part in why we haven’t done candy grams in the [recent] past,” art teacher Judith Brown said. “Candy grams are a great way to add to our community and raise funds for the art department.”

Candy grams will be delivered during academic period Oct. 27.

“Students seemed to love creating a fun candy gram card,” Brown said. “All the entries were very creative.”

Brown gave drawing students a week to design their own fall or Halloween themed candy gram on a 9×6 inch card.

My design process was to just throw any Halloween/fall themed objects on it and hope for the best,” freshman Sumiko Lemari said.

All art classes voted for their favorite design. The top 6 voted designs are available for purchase.

 “I know all my friends will be happy to see my art there and I hope others are too,” Lemari said.

Designing a candy gram gave Lemari a sense of nostalgia. 

“I remember doing candy grams back in elementary,” she said. “We also got to design drawings for it and when you were a bit older, you could help package the candy and deliver it. I’m pretty sure one of my designs won back in 5th grade.”

Brown has given drawing students who help sell and package candy grams an invitation to join a pizza party.

Drawing students go through an intense training in shading and medium manipulation, so I felt they needed a fun brain break,” she said.