Opinion: People Need Mental Health Treatment, Not More Laws


Camille Rivera

“I can’t stand this and I feel like people aren’t doing enough, so who else but me to do enough?”

Kaystin Porter, Guest Writer

My original senior quote was, “Why should I contribute to a society that cares more about guns than the mental health of its people?” Now, I have come to a new conclusion for my senior quote: “I intend to alter a society that cares about guns more than the mental health of its people.” 

There are many people fighting for stricter gun laws but not as many people fighting for better mental health programs and outreach. Politicians debate the devastating effects of guns more than the actual individual who used the gun. Owning a gun doesn’t matter. Deranged minds are more dangerous than a deadly inanimate object. If people get rid of guns what are these broken or mentally deranged individuals going to do next? Their thought process isn’t “Oh, guns are illegal. I guess I can’t take out my frustration anymore.” No, they would try to use blades, blunt force weaponry or even poison. Take away his weapon, and a man is still dangerous. Now, if you alter his mindset, you stop the violence.

People with mental health issues need help, not only to protect others, but also to protect themselves. This country is more worried about gun control and border problems than the youth’s overwhelming problem of suicide. Kids as young as 6 years old have committed suicide because of bullying. 6 years of age… an innocent child broken… feeling pushed to suicide. Suicide at any age isn’t any better but this country is killing it’s future. 

I can’t stand this and I feel like people aren’t doing enough, so who else but me to do enough?