Students Required To Wear Identification To Enforce Safety


Veronica Butler

Administration requires students to have their student ID on and visible at all times.

Katie Johnson, Reporter

Administration has been enforcing student IDs since Sept. 30. They have been implemented in order to keep students as safe as possible.

“Probably 2% of the students don’t like it, but I feel the majority are doing a great job of wearing the IDs,” principal Joey McQueen said.

Student’s IDs must be visible from the front and worn above the waist. Students may not put IDs under jackets, on backpacks or in pockets. However, students may customize their lanyards, as long as they are school appropriate.

“I’m kind of neutral about the IDs,” senior Madison Miles said. “The only thing I really don’t like is my lanyard. I am changing it ASAP.”

The IDs will also help teachers and staff identify students they do not know from class. 

“When I was in high school we had IDs, and it helps teachers, especially me, because I don’t know many kids outside of band,” assistant band director Jeremy Flint said. 

If students forget their identification, they must pick up a temporary ID in the ISS room, A153. If it is lost, they must purchase a new one in the library for $5. If a student forgets their ID card 3 or more times, they will have ISS for the day.

Students have never had to wear identification before, so this is a change for everyone. 

“I feel like they do keep us safe, in a sense, but it is something new that everybody has to get used to,” freshman Giselle Ruperto said. “It’s also a bit of a hassle, but as we start using them more and more we’ll get used to it.”