Cross Country Course Changes Due To Campus Construction


Joseph Neuenschwander

Senior Nyla Long runs the course at the Lampasas Sports Complex Sept. 22.

Joeseph Neuenschwander, Reporter

Cross country changed the course for their Sept. 22 home meet from the high school to the Lampasas Sports Complex due to the construction of the automotive shop close to the former course. 

“Trucks for construction have to use part of our course, that gravel road, and I wasn’t sure how busy or not busy they might be the day of our meet,” cross country coach Macey Siegert said. “I just felt like it was safer to keep kids away from that construction site.” 

Another reason for the big change of course is the update in school security this year.

“With enhanced campus security, the fewer people we bring on campus the safer the other students will be,” Siegert said. “Having our meet not on campus is just overall safer.”

Siegert chose this course because there are good bathrooms, a concession stand, and plenty of space for other teams to spread out and camp out.

“The course isn’t harder,” Siegert said. “In fact, it might be a little bit easier. [LHS students] get to sleep in that morning and just kind of be more rested.”

Sophomore Brayden Phillips passes another runner on the course at Lampasas Sports Complex Sept. 22. (Joseph Neuenschwander)

Compared to the high school course, the sports complex has fewer hills and more rocks.

“It’s very difficult, in my opinion, because it has a bunch of trenches,” senior Nyla Long said.

District meets begin in October.

“We’re about to kick it up a notch,” Siegert said. “That’s when we want to be our fastest.”