Life Academics Students Sell SpecialTea Drinks


Camille Rivera

Head librarian Shelly Myers buys peach tea from life academics students.

Camille Rivera, Reporter

The life academics class is selling $3 iced teas on Tuesdays and Thursdays to teachers. This allows students a way to develop interactive job skills with a variety of people.

“Right now we are doing a strawberry green tea, a raspberry black tea, and peach black tea,” life academics teacher Becky Veroneau said. “There will be different flavors for different times of the year.”

Librarian Shelly Myers said the teas are high quality, nicely decorated and an adequate size for only $3.

“Profits allow us to go on fun trips around town to practice our money skills,” Veroneau said. “Transactions have been smooth overall; teachers have been patient with the students learning to count change.”

Thirty customers have purchased these specialty teas from the class so far with many more to come.

“We would love to sell to students, but time wise I’m not sure that it’s feasible,” Veroneau said. “The students have so many other classes besides their work-based learning classes.”

The life academics class has been very successful and these students are extremely interested in this opportunity.