School Implements Digital Hall Pass System


Camille Rivera

Students can use their Chromebook to submit an E-Hallpass for their teacher to approve.

Lucy Mantilla, Reporter

E-Hallpass is a digital hall pass system that has been implemented for the 2022-2023 school year. It requires students to digitally send a request to teachers to leave the classroom, and for teachers to approve it for the student to leave. Over 1,000 schools nationwide have implemented this pass system. 

“I think it only punishes those who are already doing wrong,” astronomy teacher Jessica Harborth said. “I like that it limits hallway activity.” 

I like that it limits hallway activity

— astronomy teacher Jessica Harborth

Reactions to the implementation have been mixed among staff and students. Most students oppose it and most teachers welcome its addition. 

“I don’t like E-Hallpass because I get embarrassed when the teacher gets a notification for when I need to go to the bathroom,” junior Sarah Jordan said. “I wish for there not to be a loud sound effect. It’s embarrassing.” 

E-Hallpasses were first used during summer school. Teachers who taught during summer school are familiar with how to use the E-pass system.

 “E-Hallpasses should not only help with students making poor decisions but also will assist in times of emergencies, such as a fire or a school shooting,” art teacher Judith Brown said. “Also, it’s better than wasting paper and writing passes all day.” 

E-Hallpasses require internet connection, so in case of internet connection going offline, digital passes are not available. 

“I think that they’re harder to use because of the queue to use them,” junior Brailyn Craddock said. “I think it would be pretty bad if it crashed or went off,  but luckily a lot of teachers let us go [if there is an issue with the internet or program].”