Art Classes Become Medium-Based


Jadyn Arzola

Sophomore Ashlie Schmille carves an image in ceramics class.

Jadyn Arzola, Reporter

A new art program launched this school year. Rather than classes in art I, II, III and IV, separate classes are offered in ceramics, painting and drawing. 

“Once an area of study has been chosen,  students then take an in-depth approach to a variety of methods within a subject,” art teacher Judith Brown said. “For example, ceramics has a variety of applications from slab building to coiling to wheel throwing, where painting projects may range from acrylic to watercolor to oil.”

Brown felt that the previous art classes were set up too broadly. After attending VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) in 2021, Brown’s concerns on how broad each class was became clear.

“Other art teachers had their programs set up with more specific classes and I could see that focusing on a particular medium allows students to become more advanced  at that medium,” Brown said. 

Following a conversation with counselor Penny Wilson in May, Brown realized that the art program was changed to broader classes due to a request from a past art teacher. This allowed Brown to realize she could request a change herself. 

“There is so much I wanted to teach but so little time,” Brown said.

This year’s students are the first to experience medium-focused art classes with Brown.

I prefer more broad classes,” sophomore Chesley Breuer said. “I like doing a variety of subjects because it gives me a chance to see what I like and what I enjoy.”

Unlike Breuer, senior Todd Cameron who is a former art III student, said he prefers a medium-focused class over a broad class.

“More specific classes are better because they specialize in what you want and what you like to do,” Cameron said. “Painting class is very different from ceramics so it’s better to teach them separately than have all the classes bunched together into one.”

According to Wilson,  Brown plans to offer ceramics, painting and drawing II next school year.

“I think multiple sections will be built into one period, so when she’s (Mrs. Brown) teaching  ceramics, some students will be enrolled in ceramics I  and some will be enrolled in ceramics II, but it will all be during that period,” Wilson said. 

Majority of interviewed students favor the new art program.

“Focusing on just clay work is better, because it doesn’t overwhelm me with different subjects,” sophomore Haley Adams said. “It’s been great so far.”