Tennis To Compete In Tournament Friday


Joseph Neuenschwander

Senior Amore Zapata practices tennis after school Sept. 1.

Joeseph Neuenschwander, Reporter

The first tennis game was at Killeen High School Aug. 12. The next tournament will take place Sept. 9 at Lake Belton.

“So far we are 4 and 0,” coach Kenneth Peiser said. “They are playing better than what I expected being that we are so young. We lost 8 players last year to [being] seniors. The girl players took the biggest hit. They’ve been playing well so far.”

The boys have won most of their doubles matches so far this year.

“Gatesville will be our toughest in district because they’ve won district two years in a row,”  Peiser said. “[They’ve] been able to produce a pretty good team. [They] had a pretty solid group of boys.”

Peiser’s goal is to get past the second round of the playoffs this year.

“I think I’ve performed pretty well,” sophomore Tyler Ecker said. “I’ve done a lot better than last year. I’ve gotten my serves a lot better and everything. I am trying to work my way up to the top.“

The players have challenge matches to see which out of all the players will make varsity.

This week the tennis team will work more on singles matches. 

“My favorite thing about tennis would be just hanging around and having fun,” Ecker said. “The sport’s just very fun.”