Unnaturally Dyed Hair Colors Are Form Of Self Expression


Camille Rivera

A mannequin displays purple hair in the cosmetology classroom.

Dakota Decker, Reporter

Unnaturally dyed hair is a form of self expression and should be allowed in schools. If someone dyes their hair, they are trying to express themselves in a form they see best. Trying new hairstyles and fashion trends is also a big part of being a teen and an all around human being.

A vast majority of young people dye their hair to their liking. People are attracted to bright and dark colors. In advertisements, they use color to convey feelings. People do that with hair dye as well. 

Many people with mental issues use hair dye as a coping mechanism. That goes back to self expression. They use color to radiate a more positive atmosphere for themselves. 

People love to feel in control, especially of themselves. Therefore, when people dye their hair bright colors, they feel more themselves because they are in control of who they are and what they look like. 

Unnatural colors in the hair are seen as unprofessional by some, and administrators see unnaturally dyed hair as a distraction in the learning environment. It is not a distraction, though, if many people out in the world today have crazy hair all of the time. Schools should not limit a student’s right to express themselves.

The only way to make a change in the dress code is to take the case to the school board. Until then, students’ hair will have to be a natural color. In the end, students should be allowed to do whatever they want to their hair and nobody should tell them they cannot.