New Program Allows Telehealth Doctor’s Visits For Students


Camille Rivera

Nurse Rhonda Hamilton has a variety of medical supplies in her office. With parent permission, Hamilton can now suggest a student see a doctor through telehealth in her office.

Katie Johnson, Reporter

A new program allows students to get diagnosed with COVID-19, strep throat, flu and other transferable ailments in the nurse’s office.  

“Goodside Health is a telehealth program where students who are signed up by their parents can come in here and, let’s say for instance they claim to have a sore throat,” nurse Ronda Hamilton said. “I can look at their throat and it seems they could benefit from a doctor’s visit, then I would be able to contact the parents and get permission for them to see a doctor through our telehealth.”

A telehealth program is completely remote and can be done in a few minutes. 

“The student would come in, I would assess them and if they look like they need to see a doctor, I would call their parents for permission,” Hamilton said. “Then I would initiate the doctor’s visit on my iPad, and the doctor would be able to see all of my notes about the student, and if they want me to swab for COVID-19, strep throat or the flu, I could.” 

Students without insurance can also benefit from this program. Although it is not free of cost, it eliminated the need to set up a doctor’s appointment.   

“I think this program will help a lot of low income families,” sophomore Maggie Oshner said. “Health care is so expensive now and this will help students a ton.”

Medication can now be prescribed over the phone and picked up by a parent or guardian.

“After I swab the student and results come back, I can let the doctor know, and he or she can prescribe an antibiotic, which can then be picked up at a pharmacy of choice by the parents,” Hamilton said.

Parents can attend the visit via phone if wanted.

“A link would be sent to a parent or guardian, and they would be able to listen in and communicate with the doctors, as well as see my notes,” Hamilton said.