Class Representatives Election Teaches Students The Importance Of Voting


Camille Rivera

Campaign posters hung in the halls in the days leading up to the election.

Camille Rivera, Reporter

Class representative voting took place Wednesday. This was a good way for Badgers to exercise their rights to vote. Watching the students’ videos and using your judgment to see who would benefit your grade level is a good practice for real life voting.

The time for Lampasas Badgers to vote will come faster than expected. All of the students have a voice that should be heard. Voting and speaking up for how this country should be run will soon include us. It is crucial for students to be involved with new bills that are being passed and to be aware of the laws being put into place constantly. New laws indicate that citizens will need to register for voting 90 days before the actual presidential elections. Citizens can no longer show up to the polls without their voting pass, narrowing down the people who can vote.

Sway from colors, red or blue, and focus more on facts and what you believe in. The country is run by the people and many have spoken up about bills they do not approve of being passed. In the future if you haven’t voted, then you will not be able to complain about how the country is run. We can complain about the policies because we can not properly represent ourselves as teenagers, but when you are of legal age, VOTE!

 As a Badger and a good person you must take account for all the lives that will be in collateral for the decisions that the government is making. Starting off with one valid source of information to receive news on politics and voting rules is important to immerse yourself with. Politics will not be involved in the curriculum, so it is up to the students to come up with their own opinions and not be swayed by unreliable news sources. English 4 teacher Judith Ann McGee recommends some news sources that students can use such as Reuters, AP News and The Hill. She recommends staying away from biased news sources. 

When you are of legal age, your vote does matter. Make time for your country and the future generations that these laws will impact. Talk to trusted guardians and your peers about voting rights and going out there to immerse yourself in true information.