Cosmetology Program Hiring New Nail Tech Teacher


Kilana Baird

Junior Rae Shannon, freshman Vanessa Armas and senior Keilynn James work on an assignment about the history of nails Aug. 25.

Kilana Baird, Reporter

In the spring, students registered for the new nail tech class offered by the cosmetology program.

After one week of the school year, the new nail tech teacher decided that teaching was not the right job for her.

With the nail tech classes already full, the administration is trying to find a new teacher quickly. Needing a Cosmetology license to teach the class and do the labs, a sub can not fulfill all of the needs for the students. 

“We are all very lost to be honest…” senior Keilynn James said. “It’s just very hard to learn things from different people. Some will tell us one thing and the next sub will change it. We did a test over the timeline of nails, and it was very confusing.”

With different subs teaching the class every day, the students are having a hard time comprehending the information being taught. Most of the subs aren’t trained in cosmetology.

“I have been helping to get the lesson plans together,” Hearn said. “I’m trying to help make an easy transition for the new teacher who will be starting soon.”

Hearn is doing what she can to help the class and the new teacher stay on track.

“We were told we officially have a new teacher, we just have to wait until her paperwork comes back and then she can come to school,” James said.