Three Seniors Commit to Military at Signing


Brooke Miller

Gunnar Osborne and Collin Martin signed with the United States Army, and Cameron Pfeifer signed with the National Guard May 2.

Brooke Miller, Photo Editor

Seniors Collin Martin and Gunnar Osborne committed to the Army, and senior Cameron Pfeifer committed to the National Guard May 2 at a ceremony during Academic period. 

“I just want you to know just how very very proud I am of y’all,” retired military member and former school board member Jamie Briggs said. “I grew up going to school here and wanting to be in the army, and I did that and I stayed in for 22 years. There’s no greater privilege and honor than a man can have than to bear arms for its country.”

Martin was recruited by his father Staff Sergeant Steve Martin. Osborne’s recruiter could not make it due to personal circumstances, so Staff Sergeant Martin stepped into their place. 

“Collin enlisted back in November as an 11X infantry recruit, and Gunnar enlisted at the beginning of April as a 17 Sharlene cybersecurity division,” Staff Sergeant Martin said. “Both of them were trying to not only better their education with a free G.I. Bill, but also get the experience in the field that they are trying to get into.” 

Martin wants to continue the tradition in his family as the fourth generation military member.

“I plan to be in the military until I retire either at 20 years or longer,” Martin said.”The first contract I’m doing I’ll be in the infantry. My contract is 6 years long, and then after that I will be doing something in the tech field, so once I decide to get out of the military I have a plan for what to do if need be.” 

Pfeifer wanted to join for the honor of serving the country as well as the benefits of college and job opportunities. 

“I don’t come from a rich family,” Pfeifer said. “My cars aren’t handed to me, my money wasn’t given to me, and my college won’t be a gift from mom or dad either. The military was a great way for me to stay out of debt.”

Pfeifer chose the National Guard because it fit his life plan. 

“I’m currently an E3, and after my AIT, I’ll be E4 and only have around 4 years left to serve,” Pfeifer said. “I hope to reach the rank of Sergeant, get a degree for chiropractors, and my certification for drones and unmanned aircrafts.” 

Pfeifer was recruited by his mother Sergeant Jennet Pfeifer. 

“It’s such a good path for him because his college is paid for,” Sergeant Pfeifer said. “Not only that, but he’s getting on-the-job training and getting to play with drones, so how much fun is that. I’m pretty proud of him. It means a lot when you see your child grow up and make that decision to do something bigger than themselves.”