Keep Prom And Carry On

Students To Attend Dance Tomorrow


Prom sponsor Nathanial Brayton sells prom tickets.

Lexi Moreland, Online Editor

English IV teacher Nathanial Brayton put together the 2022 promenade and dance. Promenade will begin at 6 p.m. tomorrow. Following the walk across the bridge at W.M. Brook Park the dance begins at the Hostess House at 7 p.m. 

¨I am extremely excited,¨ senior April Smith said. ¨It’s honestly super bittersweet since this is our last prom, but it’s also the year we get to all go out.¨

Due to COVID-19 prom was canceled entirely in 2020, and the school only hosted Promenade and not the dance in 2021. Seniors who have not had the chance to go to other school’s proms the past two years have never been to a prom dance before. 

¨I have never been to a prom dance before because I haven’t had the opportunity,¨ Smith said. ¨I am planning on having a great night and taking so many pictures with my friends.¨

The Hostess House has hosted many of the dances for the school.

¨I love setting up the prom,¨ Brayton said. ¨I have been doing this for four years now.¨

Culinary students along with Chef Jason Walsh, floral students with teacher Erica Edwards and additional students are helping to set everything up to give the best experience. 

¨We hired a DJ and everything,¨ Brayton said. ¨I think the students are happy about finally having a real prom.¨