Final Long Weekend Of School Year Begins Tomorrow


Lexi Moreland

Seniors Ashleigh Reavis and Kayla McManus hug outside the high school today.

Lexi Moreland, Online Editor

As Easter weekend approaches so do the final school days off before seniors graduate. There is no school tomorrow or Monday.

There are 5 weeks until summer begins. 

¨Being a senior and knowing the end of the school year is coming is so scary,¨ senior Ashleigh Reavis said. ¨I´ve had a lot of experiences over the past four years both good and bad, but my favorite memory is most definitely going to the special education dance with the life skills class.¨

This is the first year since 2019 that the end-of-the-traditions are back to normal. With April coming to an end and May beginning the school is getting ready for prom and graduation. 

¨To be honest I am so ready to graduate,¨ senior Sam Zmolik said. ¨I am trying to bask in my last days of high school, because I know I will miss it one day, but I am so excited for college.¨ 

Zmolik’s favorite high school memory was cheering at the Brownwood district basketball game.

¨It was so close that we were all just screaming the whole time,¨ he said.

Along with the seniors graduating, the underclassmen are preparing for summer before they come back to school. 

¨I feel so relieved and stress free,¨ junior Makenna Karcher said. ¨Not worrying about my grades releases so much stress from my life. My favorite memory is hanging out with all my friends, but I am going to miss the seniors, because most of my friends are seniors.¨