Theatre Troupe To Compete In One Act Play Over Spring Break


Bryce Elders

Junior Luke Coonrod loads a bookshelf set piece for ¨Peter and the Starcatcher.¨

Bryce Elders, Reporter

Lampasas Theater Company performed their UIL One Act Play “Peter and the Starcatcher” at a festival Feb. 26 hosted by Georgetown High School. This was to show how the real competition will look and function at the district competition March 15.

“It really gets us focused once it settles into us that it’s still a competition,” senior Michael Neary said. “Everyone’s faces get a little more intense, but they always manage to stay pretty lighthearted through all the pressure.”

Set pieces and props were packed into a small trailer and then unloaded and set up on stage the moment they arrived for an hour-long rehearsal.

“I saw them firing on all cylinders,” sophomore Cara Mitchell said. “It had to be the quickest I’ve seen that trailer be unpacked. There were plants and bookshelves just zooming out of there.”

After the rehearsal, the troupe was ushered to their room to wait until their slotted showtime. They continued to practice and perfect their roles and choreography until it was time to hit the stage.

“Being cramped up in a room with that many people that you know so personally and then witnessing them go on and perform something like our show is such an odd feeling,” senior Draven Gootee 

When all of the shows were done and packed up, each school gathered in the auditorium and awards were given out before each school received their criticisms for their performance. 

“All of us are super proud of each other after each performance,” junior Luke Coonrod said. “The way things went that night could have been smoother, but there is no use in dwelling. We’re hitting the ground running at rehearsals.”