Activity Night Hosted For Incoming Freshmen


Veronica Butler

Eighth graders and parents stop by Spanish teacher Kathy Brown’s table at the activity night to learn about Spanish classes.

Amelia Stanley and Lydia Breuer

The incoming freshmen had the opportunity to meet teachers and students in electives and extracurricular activities available at the high school March 1.  

“The activity night was very fun,” incoming freshman Jacie Resa said. “It was exciting to see all of the clubs and electives we could join.”

Many extracurricular and elective teachers such as speech and debate, journalism and culinary arts set up tables. Culinary arts students handed out samples, journalism and speech and debate set up tables with pictures of students participating in UIL competitions and having fun in the class itself.

“I think the 8th grade info night was a great way to introduce our newest class of Badgers to all that LHS offers,” UIL coordinator and speech and debate coach Judith Ann Mcghee said. “By promoting their own activities, the older students were able to put the young ones at ease and made them feel comfortable. It’s one of my favorite traditions at Lampasas High School.”

The incoming freshman got to see what it would be like to take different classes, and they also got to talk with students who are currently taking the classes. 

“For me, the most exciting part was seeing the law enforcement gear and getting to eat the food that the culinary group made,” Resa said. “I am looking forward to joining clubs, sports and making memories along the way.”