Seniors Enjoy Second Off-Campus Lunch


Aydin Kantner

There will be an additional off-campus lunch for seniors later in the year.

Lexi Moreland, Online Editor

Administration allowed seniors to have another off campus lunch Feb. 16. 

“I am very proud of the seniors this year,” principal Joey McQueen said. “We had about 90 seniors who were able to leave during the second nine weeks, and then the majority of the same students were the ones who left during the third nine weeks.”

Seniors who have good attendance, are passing all their classes and do not have an abundance of disciplinary problems are approved to leave.

“The percentage of students who came back during the first off campus lunch was 100%,” McQueen said. “Then during the second off campus lunch only two students didn’t come back and I talked to them shortly after.”

Administration plans to continue the off campus lunch into next year. The seniors in the upcoming year will have a total of four, with one every nine weeks. 

“The next one this year will be April 27, another Wednesday,” McQueen said. “This has really proved that the seniors really can go off campus for lunch and be responsible enough to come back, even if it is only for one class period.”

Due to only having 30 minute lunch periods, the administration said they will not be able to give seniors off campus lunch every day. 

“I truly don’t think that the seniors would have enough time to leave, get food and return to campus in only a 30 minute period,” McQueen said. “That is why they have an hour and 20 minutes when we give them the opportunity of off campus lunch.”

Many students who have left for off campus lunch have said it motivates them to keep up their grades and attendance. 

“When I leave for off campus lunch I am able to go home, eat and relax,” senior Lizzie Bennett said. “Usually on Wednesdays I have cosmetology after school so I don’t have time to get food or relax. This gives me the chance to and it is really nice.”