Boys, Girls Powerlifting Teams Begin Season Placing First


Amelia Stanley, Reporter

The boys powerlifting team placed first at the home meet Jan. 13.

Brooke Miller, Photo Editor

Boys and girls powerlifting teams started the season placing first Jan. 13 at the home invitational meet. The next meet will be in Burnet Jan 27. 

“I thought we competed very well,” girls powerlifting coach Tyler Cleavinger said. “We had some older girls PR on a few lifts, and we had some younger girls realize they are stronger than they thought.” 

Junior Maggie Fletcher placed second in her weight class. Fletcher said the team did amazing, and her goal this season is to deadlift 265. 

“I did okay for the first meet, but I know I can lift more,” Fletcher said. “I just have to get back into the flow of things.” 

Sophomore Emily Brister placed first in her weight class with a total of 615. Her goal this season is to hit a personal record of 700. 

“Our lady powerlifting team did really well at this meet as well,” Brister said. “We had a couple of freshmen who had never lifted in a meet before, and I think that they did really well for their first meet.”  

Cleavinger said the team lifted and learned what to do and not to do in preparation for the meet.

“I think we will continue to get better and stronger as we go,” Cleavinger said. “The future is bright.” 

Senior Westen Reid was the heavy weightlifter of the meet, and junior Dominique Wooten was second place light weightlifter of the meet.

“Honestly I feel I could have done a lot better at the meet,” Reid said. “Deadlift felt great, but we messed up on the math, so I lifted five pounds too little to take the win. My goal is to squat 700, bench 400 and deadlift 600-650.”