High School Counts Down To Holiday Break With Dress-Up Days


Courtesy of Donna Lejeune

Dress-up days 4,3,2,1 will be next week.

Dakota Decker, Reporter

Spirit is in the air, and it’s not just school spirit. It’s holiday spirit too.

For over a week, the school has put on the “12 Days To Holiday Break” dress up days leading into the holiday break. 

“The ‘12 Days of Christmas’ (what I called it) was something I did with my staff when I was an elementary principal,” assistant principal Donna Lejeune said.

Student council sponsor Jennefer Moore and instructional specialist Kalin Wells helped choose the theme for each day. Since STAAR testing was all week, they had to make sure the themes were not too distracting during the testing.

“Kalin Wells and I quickly put the days together in a way which would hopefully not be too distracting with all the STAAR testing, common assessments, and finals going on,” Moore said. “I have to agree that Jingle Bells day would not have been appropriate during a STAAR testing day.”

Even the teachers participate in dressing up.

“I make the effort to participate in all spirit days, even if it’s subtle,” Moore said. “I feel as if I can’t ask my students to stop acting generally ‘too cool for school’ if I, myself, am too cool to participate in these things.” 

The high school is normally full of school spirit, but adding in a little bit of Christmas cheer allows the students to participate in different ways.

“I love the spirit that we have at LHS and think the creativity and participation from our students has been amazing!” Lejeune said. “We have the BEST students, and it’s so fun to watch them enjoy fun things like this.”