Senior Off-Campus Lunch Day Successful; Two More Scheduled


Lydia Breuer, Editor-In-Chief

Seniors Vivian Gardner, Amanda Rinehart, Ruger Miserlain and Teagan McKeon eat off-campus Dec. 1.

86 seniors attended the off-campus lunch Dec. 1, and Principal Joey McQueen deemed the new privilege a success. The school plans to give two off-campus lunch days next semester.

“Everything went off without a glitch,” McQueen said. “I just want to tell the seniors thank you for making this work and I hope they enjoyed their time off-campus.”

Senior Laurcy Bender had a great time eating out of school.

“It was really good,” Bender said. “It was fun being able to get a group together and go eat somewhere.”
There were concerns of students not returning for the rest of their classes, but everyone who  took advantage of the lunch was able to come back on time.

“I was a little worried about time just because there were a lot of us and the food took a while, but everyone was able to make it back on time,” Bender said. “It was worth it. We all knew that if we didn’t come back we wouldn’t be able to have an off campus lunch again.”

Senior Jordan Plummer believes an off campus lunch let’s students practice responsibility.

“Having off-campus lunch gives students the ability to learn responsibility and accountability, in addition to giving them more of a sense of freedom during the day.”