Student Sparks Singing Show


Cameron Wilson, Reporter

Junior Logan Mull sings “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs at lunch Nov. 12.

Cameron Wilson, Reporter

After seeing junior Logan Mull  perform at a local church, principal Joey McQueen was inspired to begin allowing performances during lunch on Fridays. 

Students can email McQueen the week they want to perform, as long as they email before Wednesday, in order to see if they can secure a spot for their own performance. Usually a maximum of four students are allowed to perform. 

“I wanted to kind of give students an opportunity to have fun, and it went off from there,” McQueen said. 

Students can also bring instruments if they would like to add more to their performance, as long as what they are adding to the performance is school appropriate. 

“It gives people an opportunity to show off talent they often can’t,” senior Max Stilley said. “I write songs in my spare time, so I went up because I want to get used to singing in public and share my songs.”

 For a number of students, performing is another way to push out of their comfort zone and overcome personal challenges, whether conquering stage fright or other anxieties.

“The first time I went up was scary, but the second time was fun,” sophomore Rae Shannon said.