Students To Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Next Week


Courtesy of Lizzie Bennett

Photo taken from Lampasas Student Council Instagram. For more information and future updates visit them at @lampasas_stuco

Lexi Moreland, Online Editor

Natural Highs #LiveNaturallyHigh: the theme for Red Ribbon week starting Tuesday. Student council has been looking forward to each dress up day and finding ways for all students to enjoy and participate.

Monday is a scheduled teacher day, students will not attend. 

“No, really don’t come [to school Monday],” student council  sponsor Jennefer Moore said in an email to the Student Council officers.

Live Naturally High is a national campaign. Student Council plans to create a resource page for students to access on Canvas to review videos and pages on relaxing music, meditation videos and mental health podcasts.

“I think red ribbon week is a very fun way of trying to get kids to stop doing drugs,” senior Lizzie Bennett said. “We need to continue the tradition and evolve with it as the world changes around us and introduces upcoming generations.”

This year, the week’s focus is on ways to quit doing drugs for people who are addicted. Each dress-up day is connected to this theme.

“I am excited to wear my costume to school,”  Bennett said. “Dress up days are always the best. The different people all participating really makes the week better.”

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