New CTE Building To Open In 2022


Lydia Breuer, Editor-In-Chief

Construction has just begun at the site of the new CTE building.

Lydia Breuer, Editor-In-Chief

A career and technology education (CTE) building is being built by the tennis courts and is projected to be finished May 20, 2022. Autotech, an additional agriculture class and another unspecified program will move into the building.

“We have outgrown this building and we need more room,” autotech instructor Edward Gold said. “It’s too small to work in; class sizes have grown and we need more space.”

Gold said students will be able to do much more in the bigger building.

“I will have more room to move vehicles in and out,” Gold said. “We are actually getting more equipment so I will be able to do anything that an actual automotive shop is able to do. We can fully teach what they will be doing at an auto shop.”
At the moment, CTE director Julie Salvato said she is unsure what exact classes will move into the building.

“So much depends on the facility itself, and what it is going to lend itself to best,” Salvato said.

Junior Aiden Rascoe looks forward to more tools and space because he enjoys the autotech class.

“Coach Gold is a good teacher,” Rascoe said. “I learn a lot from [his class], a lot of stuff for out of school that will help a lot in the future.”