Greenhouse Receives Donation To Replace Plants Destroyed In Winter Storm


Dakota Decker, Reporter

Natural Beauty in Denmark, Wisconsin donated an abundance of plants to the greenhouse.

Dakota Decker, Reporter

Due to the efforts of agriculture teacher Judy Hail and the organization Natural Beauty, the high school’s greenhouse received an abundance of new plants Aug. 7, replacing the plants destroyed in winter storm Urie.

Hail secured the new plants after attending a Landscape and Nursery Expo in San Antonio to gain information for Lampasas FFA greenhouse. 

“Many of the exhibitors were from out of state,” Hail said. “They had purchased plants for their booths after arriving. They would not have been able to take the plants on the planes home, so many were making donations to schools. I expressed an interest with several exhibitors and explained to them that we had lost 90 percent of our plants in the February freeze due to power outages and broken water lines in the greenhouse. An exhibitor from Wisconsin said I could have all of her plants at the end of the show.”

The types of plants that were donated are: Vinca, Denver Daisy, Snap Dragons, Ornamental cabbage, Ornamental Kale, 2 types of Viola, Polka Dot Plant, Marigolds, 2 types of Begonias, Pansy and Osteospermum. 

“The plants were donated by Natural Beauty from Denmark, Wisconsin,” Hail said. “Their slogan is ‘Strong Roots Growing For the Future.’ She explained that this slogan was not just for the plant world.  They support schools and continuing education to extend education in plant science to foster a love for plants and encourage career opportunities in the field.”

There are many uses for the plants. One of the uses is the plants being sold at the local farmers market every Saturday if students are available and interested in participating.

“The money made from the farmer’s market will be put back into the greenhouse classes, giving us funds to buy more plants and conduct further projects,” agriculture teacher Erica Edwards said.

Many opportunities have formed allowing students to get to work with plants so early in the year. It gives them an early hands-on experience.

“​This allows our students to work with plants from Day 1 of school,” Hail said. “Our plant pathway is the largest in our ag program.  We want to make sure our students have maximum learning opportunities which will help them learn skills for future life and careers.”

With a big donation of plants, the school’s greenhouse program can grow and succeed along with teaching students to work together and support their school.

“I would like to thank Natural Beauty again for their donation,” Edwards said. “Their plants have allowed my students to have more hands-on experiences in the greenhouse and the money made will aid in growing our program further.”

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