Texas Success Initiative Classes Prepare Students For College


Cameron Wilson, Reporter

Senior Aemilio Mayo works on Texas College Bridge math in Jim Barnette’s class Thursday.

Cameron Wilson, Reporter

College prep math and college prep English have been added at the high school as part of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

 Each class focuses on it’s own part of the TSI test, either math or reading. 

“It’s a test that evaluates your skills for college classes,” college prep English teacher Jill Castillo said. 

Both classes utilize a program called Texas College Bridge which is a learning website to help students enhance their learning ability in order to achieve a CCMR (College, Career, Military, Ready) certification. 

“Each student will complete steps and tasks to prepare for their individual future goals,” Castillo said.

With a CCMR certification, students are more likely to receive scholarships and reach their future goals. 

“The high school is held accountable that each student is college, career, and military ready based on state of Texas standards,” Castillo said.

Jim Barnette teaches the college prep math class. He said students take a diagnostic test to see what math they remember and then work on what they need to improve from there. 

“I’m more managing than teaching,” Barnette said. “Supposedly, the students already know the material, and it’s supposed to enhance students’ skills to meet college expectations.”