Homecoming King To Be Announced In New Way At Pep Rally


Lydia Breuer, Editor-In-Chief

Homecoming king nominees Collin Martin, Dylan Jones, Quinn Pace and Jaxon Tomme ride in a float during the homecoming parade Sept. 15.

Brooke Miller, Photo Editor

The homecoming king court will be introduced and the king will be crowned Friday during the pep rally, but this year the court will not perform the “queen” skit that has been a tradition for years.

“We were looking forward to doing the traditional homecoming “queen” skit, however, we have created an introduction where we can all add our own personalities,” queen nominee Isabel Ybarra said. “We are having a lot of fun with it, and maybe this will be the start of a new tradition.”

This year’s performance will be a choreographed entrance created by the homecoming nominees. A queen nominee and king nominee will pair up together to introduce themselves to the crowd. 

“We will basically be doing a funny dance entrance similar to what bridesmaids and groomsmen do at wedding receptions,” queen nominee Katie Procter said. 

Many students assume the decision to not allow the “queen” skit was because it could be offensive to others. 

“I understand that it can be considered offensive to some, and those feelings are valid, but this is a tradition this school has taken part in for years now,” Procter said. “The boys dressing up as girls does not come from a place of hate or offense. It’s just a silly tradition that everyone knows and loves. I really hope it can be brought back in the future for the students who looked forward to it as much as I did.”

King nominees were also looking forward to participating in the skit after watching previous performances. 

“I was looking forward to it,” homecoming king nominee Quinn Pace said. “If we would have done it, I would have been happy to go all in because that’s what every homecoming guys court, and soon to be king, have done in the past.”