First School-Wide Pep Rally In Two Years To Be Tomorrow


Lydia Breuer, Editor-In-Chief

Flames practice on Monday after school for upcoming pep rally.

Lydia Breuer, Editor-in-Chief

The first school-wide in-person pep rally in two years will be tomorrow and the theme is Blue Out, with the tag “We Are One.” It is encouraged that everyone wear Badger Blue.

We felt like during the COVID year our campus lost a lot of its school spirit due to the restrictions we all were required to follow,” cheer coach Shannon Lindsey said. “We wanted to put the focus back on school spirit and celebrate all the things LHS has to offer.”

Due to COVID-19, the school hosted streamed pep rallies, but there hasn’t been a pep rally with all students allowed since 2019.

 “We are super excited about having an in-person pep rally again,” Lindsey said. “ Not only have the freshmen not attended a high school pep rally, but our sophomore class as well. Last year doing virtual pep rallies and virtual competitions was just not the same.  Cheerleaders are crowd leaders and performers. We love it when the crowd is big.”

COVID has affected the cheer team, with some members not able to perform in the pep rally.

“In a perfect world COVID wouldn’t be an issue anymore, but unfortunately this is part of the new normal,” Lindsey said. “We just have to make adjustments as needed. You just have to be flexible and adjust.”

Senior cheer captain Jara Stephens is looking forward to the pep rally.

“I am really excited, but for sure super sad that it is my last year and that I lost a year,” Stephens said. “I am excited to finally have an audience and student section to raise our school spirit.”

Multiple groups within the school are working hard to make the pep rally a success.

“I’m excited to be able to actually be a part of the pep rally instead of watching a video about it,” sophomore Cara Mitchell said. “I look forward to seeing how normal pep rallies go and being a part of one of the fun things about high school.”