Students Receive New Chromebooks


Veronica Butler, Reporter

Sophomores Aspen Wheeler and Logan Young receive their new Chromebooks Aug. 20.

Brianna Miller, Social Media Editor

Students received new Chromebooks with faster charging, faster internet speeds and a longer lasting battery life Aug. 17-20. The students’ previous Chromebooks were three years old and starting to show their age.

“The new Chromebooks seem quicker and more sturdy than the previous batch,” English teacher Judith Ann McGhee said. “Personally, I’m glad our students are able to use technology AND time in the classroom to learn.”

The first two weeks of school there were small issues with Canvas and internet connection. Students and teachers struggled to get certain websites to work. Now, most issues are resolved. Students have a longer lasting battery life, faster charging and the internet works better.

“The old Chromebooks are currently being refurbished and reissued to the elementary schools for the remainder of the year,” instructional specialist Kalin Wells said.

Some of the main problems that occurred when students returned their old Chromebooks were broken keys, broken screens and lost chargers. Students weren’t able to get their new Chromebooks the day they were scheduled if they had any of these issues and had not paid the fine for them.  

Damaged mouse pads are $5 to repair, cameras are $6, hinges are $10. Keyboards and case replacements are both $25. LCD screen repairs are $125 dollars and main board replacements are $200 and a full repair is $300. 

“It’s like the other Chromebook but it’s new and has a different case,” senior Sara Heivilin said.