Bittersweet Baseball Game

Badgers Win on Senior Night

Senior Elijah Stanley is honored on senior night.

Adam Arthurs, Social Media Editor

The baseball team won their final district game vs Glen Rose 7-2 at home Tuesday night. It was also senior night because it was the final home game of the season. There are 6 seniors who were honored before the baseball game began. They were Kash Corbin, Ace Whitehead, Hayden Wadrip, Gauge Gholson, Elijah Stanley and Keagan Richardson.

“It’s a feeling like no other, really,” Corbin said.  “It is a sport that I genuinely do love and I could continue playing it, but there is a certain feeling that comes knowing it is your last game at your home field ever.” 

Parents, like senior Ace Whitehead’s mother Kenna Whitehead, have enjoyed watching their sons this season. 

“Our baseball season this year has not been a bad one,” Mrs. Whitehead said. “There are things we could do better, but that is EVERY team. In my opinion, the games we did not win were not because the other team beat us, it was us beating ourselves .”

There is a certain feeling that comes knowing it is your last game at your home field ever.”

— senior Kash Corbin

Players have said it was an emotional night knowing it was their senior night and that it was their final home game.

¨I felt good,” Richardson said. “It was kind of surreal knowing that this is my last sport and last senior night. It definitely was a bittersweet moment.”

This season was different from previous seasons because it was head coach Chance Evans’ first year at LHS.

¨This season by far has been the best season I have had,” Corbin said.  “We all adapted to [Coach Evans’] environment and became coachable to his standards and it is a season I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Whitehead and Stanley will continue playing baseball at the college level.  Whitehead will play at the University of Texas and Stanley will play at the University of Dallas in the fall.

¨As for being a starter, that would not shock me either,” Mrs. Whitehead said. “One of the coaches said in an interview on signing day that he expects him to come in and start for them. He has the tools. He just needs to go use them.¨ 

The seniors have grown up playing baseball together in Lampasas and were thankful that they had fans in the stands this year even with the pandemic going on. 

“I would like to say thank you for all the support you have given me and my teammates this year,” Richardson said. 

Most feel bittersweet about their senior season is coming to an end. 

“Thank you for all the support,” Corbin said. “Unfortunately all great things come to an end.”

The Badgers are heading to the playoffs to play Glen Rose again tomorrow in Glen Rose. 

“Anytime you make it to the playoffs in any sport, it is a major deal,” Richardson said. “I know we definitely have a good fight in us and will be competing at the best of our abilities.”