One Act Play Advances To State Competition


Bryce Elders, Reporter

Stage manager Julia Hairston reviews a script to assess what needs to be prepared for the stage for the state competition.

Bryce Elders, Reporter

The Lampasas Theatre Company competed against eight other schools in their regional competition April 13 and placed second overall which means they will compete at the State One Act Play competition in San Antonio.  

“I’m glad we made it through because we’ve been working at this for such a long time,” senior Makayla Osburn said.

The two-day stay in Lubbock proved to be a very exciting bonding experience for the whole cast. From pool rehearsals to eating the breakfast served in the hotel together, it unified the actors and actresses into a single mindset.

The cast arrived at Estacado High School to unload and start their performance.

“The feeling was intense,” junior Michael Neary said. “The pressure was a lot more than we were used to, but I knew we would pull through in the end.”

Following the show was the critique. Judges told the cast what they can improve on and what they were doing very well.

Awards and announcements took hours to arrive due to them being held through a Zoom meeting.

“It was super nerve racking,” sophomore Callie Bekker said. “We were all just waiting and waiting during the ride home and the tension was killing us.”

Upon arriving at the school, the cast was met with screams and hollers about advancing to state, which the cast was previously unaware of on their five-hour bus ride home. 

The date of the state competition is still up in the air, but the actors and actresses of the company are more than ready for one more big show.

“These students deserve state more than any set of students I have ever had,” director Greta Peterson said.