Theatre Attends Clinic To Prepare For District Competition


Courtesy of Julia Hairston

Lampasas Theatre Company students ride the bus to a One Act Play clinic in Marble Falls Feb. 23.

Bryce Elders, Reporter

The first clinic for the Lampasas Theatre Company was in Marble Falls Feb. 23 to prepare for the District competition March 6 in Glen Rose. 

The actors performed in front of a clinician who critiqued and revised parts of their show to make sure it is the best it can be.

“After what we had seen in our rehearsals, the clinic was a big confidence boost,” senior Kaden Mclendon said. “It showed us what our show had the potential to be and that with a little more work we could do better than expected in competition.”

Blocking and structuring a show is a rigorous process that takes most of the actors time in the rehearsals which leaves only a small amount of time to work in costumes, props and lighting. To perform a show of this calibur requires many individual moving parts that have to coordinate with each other with perfect efficiency or else the machine falls apart.

“I think rehearsals have been going pretty well,” sophomore Ella Hairston said. “We’ve been working a lot and spending a lot of time trying to perfect the show and make it the absolute best it can be.”

The District competition will be the ultimate testament to the group’s efforts. They remain in high spirits for the date and continue performing and perfecting their show so they remain at peak condition.

“A week or so ago I feel like we were doing pretty badly,” sophomore Kaitie Mclendon said. “I feel as if we keep this energy up we can do pretty well.”

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