UIL Mandates Masks For One Act Play


Bryce Elders, Reporter

Senior MaKayla Osburn practices her monologue for the upcoming production of Saint Frances of Hollywood. All actors are required to wear masks during UIL performances.

Bryce Elders, Reporter

With COVID-19 being a prevalent force in after school activities, school theatre companies will be required to wear masks onstage while giving their performances during UIL One Act Play competitions. UIL has made it clear that if a school theatre group does not want to wear masks onstage then they will not be allowed to perform.

“I don’t think the rule makes any sense,” senior Cole Wheeler said. “I understand we are in a pandemic and safety should be our number one concern right now, but if in basketball you don’t need to wear a mask or football you don’t need to wear a mask, why should theatre when facial expressions and projecting play such a huge role in it?”

With these new rules comes new equipment. The Lampasas theatre company had plastic see-through masks delivered to them to alleviate the muffle that cloth masks create on the projecting voice. However, actors seem to have more gripes than praises about the masks

“It’s rough being on stage with masks period,” sophomore Ciara Carnes said. “The plastic ones are just kind of awkward and keep the lower half of your face damp, plus every one of those masks move oddly on your face when you speak.”

Feb.11 starts the journey to district with a clinic at Taylor where the actors will be critiqued based on their performance. These clinics will mold the company’s show into its peak form for the UIL District competition that will take place March 6.

“I feel like we still have far to go, but considering all the setbacks and red tape we’ve had to work through we’ve done pretty well,” senior Julia Hairston said. “I’m proud of us!”