Theatre Begins One Act Play Rehearsals


Bryce Elders, Reporter

Junior Larissa Sneed and sophomore Ciara Carnes read lines from the script of Saint Frances of Hollywood Jan. 14.

The first rehearsal for Saint Frances Of Hollywood took place after school yesterday. Actors and actresses alike in the company are practicing lines and running though their first draft blocking with an air of excitement.

“I’m excited to get to perform with everyone in this setting again,” junior Ciara Carnes said. “Competition is always different from the shows we put on at home. It always seems to bring us together.”

The production is set to hold a heavier tone than previous One-Act Plays and the actors have been rigorously preparing to take on this new era of acting for the theatre company. 

“This year obviously is a lot different than most competition years, as are all other events due to COVID,” senior Julia Hairston said. “Actors are required to wear masks on stage, meaning we have to work harder to be heard and not let it take away from the story.”

The protective restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 virus could prove to be a significant obstacle to the company’s performance.

“The most important qualities in One-Act are determination and commitment,” Hairston said. “We spend an abundance of time at the school rehearsing, and it takes someone who really loves theatre and competing to do that.”

The first of many clinics is set to take place Feb. 11 where the production will be assessed and critiqued to better improve the play for a future showing at their district UIL competition. Until then, the Lampasas theatre company will be practicing hard so that when it comes time to break their legs on stage they will give the performance of their lives.

“I think if we put in the effort and refuse to let the circumstances get to us that we can make it far,” Hairston said.