Students Becoming Teachers

New Instructional Practices Program Inspires Education Careers


Aydin Kantner, Reporter

Senior Stephanie Thomas helps teach in the life skills class at the high school as part of the new Instructional Practices Program.

Aydin Kantner, Reporter

As of this year, the high school is offering the Instructional Practices Program that allows high school students to experience teaching in a classroom at the high school, middle school and elementary schools in the district.

“The students work with small group instruction, lesson planning and tutoring,” Career and Technology Education (CTE) coordinator Julie Salvato said. “The goal is that these students will want to enter the education profession.”

The program aides students in earning their teaching certification and education degree.

“When these students complete this course in the Education and Training CTE Pathway and turn 18, they can take the state certification test for a Level 1 Educational Aide certification,” Salvato said. “This would allow them to work as an instructional aide in any school.”

Students in the class began going to other schools within the district Oct. 26.

“The kids at the elementary school seem to enjoy that there is a high school senior at their school,” junior Kassidy Taylor said. “As they have gotten to know me, they have really warmed up to me helping and teaching them.”

High school students learn the fundamentals,  responsibilities and rewarding feeling of being a teacher. 

“I enjoy the program and class a lot,” Taylor said. “It gives me the opportunity to teach and helps me take the first steps in my career path. Seeing the kids faces whenever they get something right is very rewarding.”