I’m An Online Content Creator

Junior Shares Experience Making Memes, Clips, Videos, Streams

Some artwork I received by rising artist @battery_included on Instagram due to their generosity and willingness to help out other creators!

Some artwork I received by rising artist @battery_included on Instagram due to their generosity and willingness to help out other creators!

Cameron Wilson, Reporter

Everyone has their own form of social media outlet like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or even Twitch. We love to watch our favorite creators and the content that they’re putting out for us to enjoy. There are a lot of assumptions made about online content creation that makes it sound really easy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I myself am a creator. I make gaming content: memes, clips, online videos and streams. I try my best to just brighten up people’s day, either making people have a laugh, or just impressing people. My content has gathered a small follower base of a little more than one-point-one thousand people. There are all kinds of factors that play into how well we’ll do, or how well every upload, post and announcement will do statistically. Generally, as a creator, we want growth. The problem is, with consistently changing algorithms, it can seem completely random how well uploads do. Not to mention the fact if people even like the content that I’m even putting out. 

The connections I’ve made with people from all across the world is something I will never forget. I’ve met so many amazing people who have helped me out, ranging from Australia to Italy to England. I even have my own partner and editor who’s helping me out with scheduling and other technical problems that I run into. Without my editor, and some of the people who’ve been supporting me through this journey I wouldn’t have been able to do as well as I am now.  

Some issues that I run into frequently are minor, like timing and scheduling, and people watching my content, but not actually supporting the content. The small details really matter when it comes to the statistical side of content. Likes, shares, comments, they all feed the ceaseless hunger that is platform algorithms. Every little bit helps. Sometimes I’ll have an upload flop completely and not do very well, but on other occasions some uploads blow up incredibly and I end up receiving an insane amount of support out of nowhere — helping out creators does a lot. So if you do see a video, meme or collaboration that you enjoy, hit the like button, share it with a friend, leave a comment. It really helps us out when you do.