Football Team To Play First Round Of Playoffs Tonight


Brianna Miller, Reporter

Sophomore Ethan Moreno returns a kick at the district championship game against Fredericksburg Nov. 6.

Adam Arthurs, Social Media Editor

 The Badgers will face the Uvalde Coyotes in Fredericksburg for the Bi-District championship tonight.

¨I definitely think we are going to leave the field with another win under our belts,¨  senior trainer Taylor Talbert said. 

The Badgers are undefeated with a (8-0) record and the Uvalde Coyotes are (2-8). 

Lampasas defeated Fredericksburg Nov. 6 for the district championship by a score of 56-20.  The Badgers are back to back district champions and look to be back to back bi-district champions as they take on Uvalde tonight.

The football team is focused on one game at a time but look to capture the State title in about 5 weeks from now if they continue to win in the playoffs. 

“I predict we’re going to win,” senior Rhys Ghrist said. “They seniors aren’t willing to give up. They want to get that title before they leave.”

The Badgers finished an undefeated season for the first time in 95 years. Last time they went undefeated was in 1925.

If the Badgers win tonight they will go on to the area championship game with the team and place TBA.

¨I think the team is doing exceptionally well this year and I believe they have a chance at the State Championship this year,¨ Spanish teacher Elma Garnett said. ¨I am proud of how hard the team is working this year and I will be cheering for them tonight and every game throughout playoffs.¨