School To Provide Flu Shots Nov. 4


This is the sign at the front of the school advertising the flu shot. The date has now been changed to Nov. 4.

Bryce Elders, Reporter

The burning topic that still lingers on all students’ minds is the COVID-19 virus, but with all the confusion and chaos people must not forget one of the most important vaccinations to date. The influenza vaccine was going to be given to students who signed up Oct. 20, but has been rescheduled to Nov. 4 due to a higher number of doses requested at the elementary schools than expected. 

The flu has been a common virus that plagues students every year, and its vaccination is going to be administered in nurse Rhonda Hamilton’s office.

The flu shot is an important tool to protect yourself against illness,” Hamilton said. “With COVID-19 as an additional concern, it is more important than ever to safeguard yourself against any illness that you can.”

Flu shots were available last year, however it was a little less apparent than it is this year. The district felt it was important to get the word out about it this year.

“It takes a bit of coordination between the company that administers them and the school district, but we realize the value of having it at the school so that students can take care of their health and not miss school to do it,” Hamilton said.

Attaining a flu vaccine not only helps individuals, but helps the population as a whole by combatting the yearly disease and keeping as many people healthy as possible.