Saturday’s Volleyball Game Cancelled Due To COVID-19


Brianna Miller, Reporter

The volleyball team does weight training Sept. 30.

Brianna Miller, Reporter

This Saturday’s  volleyball game between University and Lampasas is cancelled due to COVID concerns. Lampasas will return to volleyball Oct. 13 against Gatesville.

Until now, there had been no issues concerning COVID. The team has kept in perfect health and is able to continue through their district games in perfect order. 

“My main concerns this season is keeping the athletes safe and being able to finish the season,” head coach Whitney Doyen said. “We have taken the precautions and have tried to do everything we can to make sure we get to have our season!”

In the morning the team is in the weight room lifting and they are also conditioning and running. They work continuously to get better.

“Our season has definitely been a growing season,” junior Laurcy Bell Bender said. “We are tweaking things and working on being in the right places and putting the ball in holes to score points. We have great athletes on the team and lots of key players.”

So far the girls are halfway through their district games. The game that was cancelled this Saturday was not a district game, meaning that it will not affect the district turnout.

“I expect my team to come together and work better as a family,” sophomore BreAnna Quarles said. “I’m looking forward to my team becoming successful whether it be this season or not.”