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Seniors hold up Zeb Bender at senior pep rally Nov. 1.

Seniors Enjoy Final Pep Rally

November 8, 2019

Seniors flood the gym floor, dancing. One senior does multiple backflips, then is carried in a line by the entire group. Everyone is cheering, the loud music booming.

 This was the final pep-rally the seniors would experience as students. It was held on Nov. 1. 

“I was kind of nervous actually, because I don’t know how those cheerleaders do it every week getting up there in front of everyone,” senior Jessica Ball said. “I have a lot of respect for them for doing that but that is not really my thing, but it was fun. I enjoyed it. It was a fun thing to be a part of.”

 Flames coach Shelby Hodnett said she is happy for her senior dancers, but she will miss them.

“I was excited because it was my two seniors in their last pep rally, so I was really happy and excited for them,” Hodnett said.

A big part of being a senior is graduation, and sometimes the thought can be daunting, but senior Tonia Garnett is ready.

“It is very exciting but it doesn’t feel real yet,” Garnett said. “I am going to miss a lot of things but I am also ready for change.”

Change is big when graduating, and senior Abby Martin said there is much to be missed when going out into the world.

“I’m definitely going to miss my family; all of my family lives here, and I am going to miss the community, because I feel like we have a good one here,” Martin said.

Cheerleader coach Shannon Lindsey is proud of her senior cheerleaders, and is sad to see them go but excited for when they move on.

“It is always a bittersweet pep rally  for me because I know that that is the last pep rally with my current seniors,” Lindsey said. “I know it is special to them so it is always important. I sit and I hope that it is everything that they wished it could be.”

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