Opinion: Friday Intercom Music Repetitive, Causes Hall Traffic

Thank goodness it’s Friday! 

However, this means music plays over the intercom between classes. Everyone has their own music preferences, but when the genres are not switched up or the songs are too distracting, the music becomes a burden. 

There should be a new playlist every week so it is always different and even more memorable. When students feel like they have choices, it makes them excited about the idea that they could personally select their favorite music for Fridays. 

Students stopping in the hallways is unacceptable, and unfortunately, the music in the halls causes this to increase. The flow of traffic should not be stopped so students can dance like fools in between classes. It makes it more difficult for other students to get to class. Due to this ritual, students trying to get to class tend to lose interest in the songs and get aggravated.

Another option for more songs is theme songs to famous T.V. shows and movies that students know the words to such as Ghostbusters, The Addams Family, The Brady Bunch and others. This way students will not stop in the hallway to dance or horse play with their friends. They will enjoy singing along to the music, but also continue walking to class. The music may even help students understand how long they have to get to class if the end of the song corresponds with the end of the passing period.

The music is repetitive which gets infuriating, especially when other students in the hallways decide to stop the flow of traffic because they want to play around.

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