New School Monitor Strives To Ensure Student Safety


Nikki Alderson, Reporter

Michelle (Pat) Gavitt was hired this school year to monitor traffic entering and leaving the high school.


Michelle (Pat) Gavitt protects the school. Whether it be students trying to leave during lunch or adults approaching the school unannounced, she is there to monitor traffic to and from the high school. 

Nikki Alderson, Photographer
Mrs. Pat talks to a driver entering the high school parking lot to ensure they are safe.


“I’m usually here for about five hours or more before I leave for my other job driving the bus,” Mrs. Pat said.

In the past few years, students have tried to leave campus without permission during lunch, so Mrs. Pat is there to prevent this. 

She also checks to ensure that everyone approaching the school has a purpose and is not planning to cause trouble. 

“She stops me every time even though I have off periods and leave at the same time everyday,” senior Brayden Martin said. 

Mrs. Pat’s motivation is the safety of students everyday. She is constantly stopping cars to make sure nobody inappropriate will walk around on campus interrupting the school day with a lock-down. She is the first line of defense for the school monitoring everything that comes in and out.

“I get a lot more traffic than you’d think,” Mrs. Pat said. “I stop a lot of people everyday.”

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