Middle, High School Cross Country Teams To Run Together Tomorrow

Brianna Miller, Reporter

Middle school and high school cross country runners will go to Gatesville tomorrow to run against teams from other schools.

“I’m very excited for this meet,” sophomore Lilly Brady said. “It is my favorite one and it’s going to go great.”

For the first time in years, high school runners plan to attend with the middle school. Having previously coached both middle school and high school together, coach Kiff Weimers hopes it leaves a lasting impact on the younger runners.

The word on our shirt is family, so I’m hoping it’s an extension of that and I’m hoping that our high school kids will take some of the younger kids under their wing.”

Many high schoolers have younger siblings in junior high. Sophomore Leilany Alvarez gets to see her upcoming freshman sister run for one of the first times this year.

“Well, I feel good because I really don’t ever get to see her run because they run in the afternoon,” Alvarez said. “But now I’ll get to see her run and I am happy to see how she’ll do.”

Throughout the years, cross country has been known as a hardworking family sport. The high school runners are hope to pass down the family feeling to the middle school runners.

“The family aspect hasn’t been the same this year as it was every other year, but it’s good to keep the tradition going,” senior Cheyenne Foote said. “It makes everyone feel included.”